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Dear Reader,

My name is Brent Sheets and I’m the editor of Mactoids. I’d like to introduce myself and give you a peek at the human behind the website.

I was the founding editor and site manager of Visual Basic Web Directory, a popular developer website devoted to the VB programming language. My site was acquired in 2000, and became the foundation of SearchVB.com, which later became SearchWinDevelopment.com

I am a former senior editor at TechTarget and for five years, covered technologies from an enterprise point of view. Topics such as software development, Web services, mobile and wireless, and yes — choke! gasp! — even Microsoft Windows, were my bread and butter.

I freelanced for a couple of years, returning to TechTarget when offered the position of Community Manager of IT Knowledge Exchange. ITKE is a large online community of IT pros sharing their expertise and experience to help each other. My position as ITKE Community Manager ended August 2009.

So why a website about Macs? My first “real” computer (apologies to my Commodore 64) was an Apple Macintosh SE. That wonderfully compact SE cost more than my car at the time. It had a glorious 9-inch monochrome display and a huge 20MB hard drive. I’ve been a Mac aficionado ever since.

But alas, even Macs are not perfect (no, really, it’s true), and that’s where this website comes in. Mactoids™ are tips, shortcuts, tweaks, tricks, fixes or just about any nugget of Mac wisdom that helps you become a more productive Mac user.

So browse the site and enjoy the smorgasbord of helpful tips and tweaks. My hope is that this site becomes a valuable resource in your Mac life, providing you with a helping hand again and again. Thanks for visiting.

Mactoids Editor


TechTarget — The Mactoids.com website is in no way affiliated with TechTarget and the opinions expressed here, and the content published here, are entirely my own. This is my privately owned website.

Apple, Inc. — Macintosh and the other Apple products mentioned on this site are all registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. No copyright infringement is intended or contained on this site. Mactoids.com is in no way affiliated or recognized by Apple. I’m simply an Apple fan providing help for a great line of products.

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