How to trim songs in iTunes

Trim songs in iTunesHave you ever wished you could trim off the beginning or ending of a song? Perhaps you’d like to remove an artist introduction or lengthy applause during a live recording. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to use iTunes to trim music or other audio files by setting a custom start and stop time. Here’s how.

Start iTunes and Right Click or Control Click the song you wish to shorten, choose Get Info from the contextual menu and select the Options tab.

Now select the Start Time and/or Stop Time checkboxes and fill in your preferred times in the fields provided. Click OK and the song will now play within the modified time limits.

The duration of the song has not actually changed, so if you wish to save the song in the new shortened length, you’ll need to select Advanced → Create AAC Version from the iTunes menu. Please note that your menu item may show Create MP3 Version or another format, depending on your own import preferences.

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