iMac 233MHz PowerPC G3 Bondi Blue (Rev. A)

Table 1: iMac 233MHz PowerPC G3 Bondi Blue (M6709LL-A) Rev. A
Quick Facts 15-inch iMac G3
Introduced August 15, 1998
Discontinued January 5, 1999
Part Number M6709LL/A
Processor 233MHz PowerPC G3
L2 Cache 512KB
Frontside Bus 100MHz
Memory 32MB 66MHz SDRAM
Hard drive 4GB
Optical drive 24x CD-ROM
Original Price $1,299 USD
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Revision A | Bondi Blue

This is the very first iMac, generally referred to as Revision A. Steve Jobs introduced this model at Flint Center auditorium in Cupertino, California, on May 6, 1998.

It was to be the “Internet-age computer for the rest of us” and make the Internet as easy to use as a Macintosh.

The iMac would find its way into customer hands roughly three months later and become the fastest selling Macintosh of its time.

It featured a Jonathan P. Ive inspired translucent enclosure that was available solely in Bondi Blue. The original iMac also has the distinction of being the first Mac to boast USB ports.

system software

Mac OS v8.1

distinguishing features

Bondi Blue, Tray loading CD-ROM, 2MB VRAM


[1] iMac: From Internet + Mac

[2] The “i” in iMac originally stood for Internet but eventually developed into a marketing symbol for a wide range of Apple products.


iMac 233MHz BondiiMac 233MHz Bondi

Photo credit: Apple

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