iPhone SDK 3.2 beta now available

iPhone SDK 3.2 betaiPhone Developer Program members may now download the iPhone SDK 3.2 beta for developing and optimizing iPhone OS applications for the Apple iPad. Members have access to the iPhone SDK 3.2 beta, iPad Simulator, iPad Programming Guide, iPad Human Interface Guidelines and sample code. Click to learn more.


iPhone SDK 3.2 beta

iphone sdk 3.2 beta

iPhone SDK 3.2 beta contains all the tools you need to start developing and optimizing iPhone OS applications for iPad.

ipad simulator

The iPad Simulator lets you build and run your iPad application on your Mac, allowing you to lay out your user interface for the larger screen size, test your app’s memory usage, and shorten the debug cycle in the design process.

ipad programming guide

iPad provides new opportunities to create Multi-Touch iPhone OS applications on a larger display than ever. The iPad Programming Guide introduces new features available for iPad and how to implement those features in your applications.

ipad human interface guidelines

Design an incredible user interface and user experience for your iPad application by following the iPad Human Interface Guidelines. Learn how to effectively use the new views and controls available to you to deliver unforgettable applications to your customers.

ipad sample code

Get started developing innovative universal applications for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch by downloading iPad sample code. Each sample code project is buildable and provides an example of how to accomplish a task for a specific technology.

preparing universal applications

Developers can now start planning for universal applications, allowing them to take full advantage of the technologies found on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with a single binary.

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