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These Mactoids are about the bundled applications that came preinstalled on your Mac. Browse below or look in the left column for specific Mac apps. Enjoy your Apple Macintosh!

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How to trim songs in iTunes

Have you ever wished you could trim off the beginning or ending of a song? Perhaps you’d like to remove an artist introduction or lengthy applause during a live recording. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to use iTunes to trim music or other audio files by setting a custom start and stop time. Here’s how.

Make Safari open new windows in a new tab

Firefox Preferences has a convenient option that forces all new windows to open in a new tab instead. Safari has a similar option but requires holding down the Command key. This Terminal tweak enables Safari to work like Firefox by automatically opening all new windows in a new tab with a plain click.

iTunes U for lifelong learners

Are you a lifelong learner? Apple iTunes U was introduced two years ago this month and has amassed an incredible amount of learning content from top colleges and universities. While some content is restricted to students – much is freely available. Why not download some free educational material to your iPhone or iPod? Here’s how.

Make iTunes sing like a bird

Music and podcasts seem to hog most of the attention but iTunes also offers hundreds of Internet Radio streams. Need help relaxing during a hectic workday? Try one of my favorite iTunes Radio streams – the soothing sound of birdsong.

Prevent Spotlight from searching specific locations

If you share your Mac with family members, friends or coworkers, you may have folders, or even an entire hard drive, that you wish to preclude from Spotlight searches. Need a little privacy? Here’s how to prevent Spotlight from searching specific locations.

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