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These Mactoids are about the Mac desktop and Mac OS X. Browse below or look in the left column for specific topics about the Apple Macintosh operating system.

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Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard desktop pictures

Apple has added new desktop pictures to the latest seed of Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Build 10A421). Would you like to view (or download) the desktop pictures? You’ll find 35 images available in full resolution – but don’t tarry, they could disappear.

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard Security Guides

Did you know that Apple provides security guides for Mac OS X administrators? Download the free 260-page guide, called Mac OS X Security Configuration for v10.5 Leopard, to discover a wealth of Apple security recommendations for hardening Mac systems. Available from Apple as a PDF document.

FTP in Mac OS X without third-party clients

There are some nice FTP clients available for Mac OS X – some are even free. But suppose you need to download a file to a Mac that doesn’t have an FTP client installed? What to do? Why, just use the FTP functionality that’s built into Mac OS X, of course. Here’s how.

Search inside Photoshop images with Spotlight

Do you create a lot of Photoshop images? I do – but many of my Photoshop documents have similar names, making it difficult to search by filename. Spotlight can help by searching inside of Photoshop documents. Here’s how.

Include favorite search attributes in Spotlight menu

Spotlight’s default scope button menu provides only a few of the many predefined search filters available in Mac OS X Leopard. The default choices are Kind, Last opened date, Last modified date, Created date, Name, Contents and Other. If your favorite search attributes aren’t included as default options, you may wish to add them for […]

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