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These Mactoids highlight development on the Mac platform, including Mac development, iPhone development, Safari and Web development.

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iPhone SDK 3.2 beta now available

iPhone Developer Program members may now download the iPhone SDK 3.2 beta for developing and optimizing iPhone OS applications for the Apple iPad. Members have access to the iPhone SDK 3.2 beta, iPad Simulator, iPad Programming Guide, iPad Human Interface Guidelines and sample code. Click to learn more.

MySQL Workbench 5.1.16

Michael G. Zinner and the MySQL Workbench Team have released a new version of their cross-platform, visual design tool for Mac OS X Leopard, Linux and Windows users. This is a recommended update for anyone using WB 5.0 or an earlier version of WB 5.1.

Free iPhone SDK 3.0 developer examples

Do you want to learn more about iPhone development but need a swift kick in the ASCII to get you started? About Objects, a provider of developer training, can help with this nice set of iPhone 3.0 developer examples. You may download the Xcode projects for free and even use the code in your own […]

Spotlight Plugin: Google Toolbox For Mac 1.0

Google offers free Spotlight importers for indexing source files for AppleScript, Interface Builder and Xcode projects. If you work (or play!) with AppleScript, Interface Builder or Xcode – then check out the Google Toolbox For Mac Spotlight Importers. is mobile friendly

Do you surf the Web on an iPhone, iPod touch or Android touch mobile device? is now more mobilicious than ever on your iPhone – thanks to the very promising WPtouch Mobile Plugin and Theme from BraveNewCode.

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