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These Mactoids are about the bundled utilities that came preinstalled on your Mac. Browse below or look in the left column for specific Mac utilities. Enjoy your Apple Macintosh!

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Mac OS X DigitalColor Meter Utility

Mac OS X includes a free utility called the DigitalColor Meter. This little tool can be a big help when doing design or Web work. The DigitalColor Meter can measure the color of any pixel on your screen and translate the color value into standards like RPG, YPbPr, CIE or Tristimulus.

Create a Quartz Filter with ColorSync

Most Mac users are aware that they can open a PDF in Mac OS X Preview and use Save As → Reduce File Size to compress the file – but the default settings often result in poor quality for JPEG images inside the PDF. Here’s how to create a new Quartz Filter for increased quality.

How to search Terminal command history

Not every Mac user is a Terminal jockey with instant recall of every available command. I often forget the syntax of a Terminal command that I may have used only a few days ago. Thankfully, the Terminal application is happy to remind us of our previous commands, if we only ask. Here’s how.

Mac OS X Leopard Terminal commands

The Terminal application in Mac OS X Leopard is a powerful tool but the list of commands and possibilities is quite lengthy. Would you like to view and browse a long list of possible Terminal commands? Here’s how to tell Terminal to display 1,428 possibilities.

Activity Monitor in the Dock

The Activity Monitor utility is a handy way to keep an eye on system resource usage such as CPU, System Memory, Disk Activity and much more. But did you also know you could save space by setting the Dock icon to show graphs? Here’s how.

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