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How to trim songs in iTunes

Have you ever wished you could trim off the beginning or ending of a song? Perhaps you’d like to remove an artist introduction or lengthy applause during a live recording. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to use iTunes to trim music or other audio files by setting a custom start and stop time. Here’s how.

Dashboard Widget: Amazon Album Art

Amazon has long been recognized as an abundant source for Album Art. Does your iTunes collection lack any album covers? Every song deserves the matching album artwork – and this free Dashboard Widget makes locating and importing Album Art effortless.

iTunes U for lifelong learners

Are you a lifelong learner? Apple iTunes U was introduced two years ago this month and has amassed an incredible amount of learning content from top colleges and universities. While some content is restricted to students – much is freely available. Why not download some free educational material to your iPhone or iPod? Here’s how.

Make iTunes sing like a bird

Music and podcasts seem to hog most of the attention but iTunes also offers hundreds of Internet Radio streams. Need help relaxing during a hectic workday? Try one of my favorite iTunes Radio streams – the soothing sound of birdsong.

Save Web images with Mobile Safari

Earlier, I explained how to add Web images to iPhoto with Safari on the Mac. Here is how to do the same thing when using Mobile Safari on the iPhone.

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