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Reply with selected message quote in iPhone Mail

Have you ever received a long email message but only wanted to quote a specific sentence or paragraph when replying? In Apple Mail, you would simply highlight the portion of text you wished to quote before clicking the Reply button. This feature is now available on your iPhone if you’ve upgraded to the iPhone OS […]

Add RSS feeds to Apple Mail

Don’t wish to use Safari or a dedicated RSS feed reader for browsing RSS feeds? The Apple Mail application conveniently includes a nice RSS feed reader. Here’s how to add or remove RSS feeds in Apple Mail.

Hidden feature in your iPhone keyboard

The iPhone onscreen keyboard conveniently offers a .com button within Mobile Safari. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this feature available in iPhone Mail, too? And why stop at .com – having other popular top-level domain choices would also be helpful. Here’s how to reveal these hidden choices on your iPhone keyboard.

Bookmark or save hyperlinks without opening them

The next time you’re pressed for time and receive a hyperlink via text chat or email – save the link for later without opening the link. It’s easy to close a text chat window or email message and forget to visit the link, so here’s how to quickly save or bookmark a link with a […]

View multiple mailboxes in single pane

Apple Mail allows you to unify all your email accounts under a single Mac interface. This makes it really convenient, as you can read and reply to your Gmail, Hotmail and other assorted email accounts from one desktop application. But did you know that you could view all of the email from all of your […]

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