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New beta of Google Chrome for Mac

The new beta of Google Chrome for Mac provides several features previously available only to developers. Users may now choose from over 2,200 browser extensions from the well-stocked Extension Gallery and synchronize browser bookmarks between mixed platforms, including Chrome for Mac, Linux and Windows.

Page Speed Firebug Add-on for Firefox

Page Speed is a Firebug-integrated Firefox extension recently open-sourced by Google. Page Speed is designed to analyze website performance and offer suggestions on how to improve page load times.

Get the Mactoids Firefox Search Plugin

About half of my readers use the Firefox browser. How about you? If you’re using Firefox, you’ll want to add the Mactoids Search Plugin, so you can quickly search Mactoids from the comfort of the Firefox search box. Here’s how.

The Safari Develop Menu

Did you know there is a hidden “Develop” menu in the Safari Web browser? You might not if you’ve never done any Web development work. Don’t let the name put you off; you don’t have to be a developer to find many of the Develop menu options useful. Here’s how to enable the Develop menu […]

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