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Control Front Row with the keyboard

Front Row is one of the free applications bundled in Mac OS X Leopard. If you upgraded an older Mac to Leopard and didn’t have an Apple Remote, and don’t wish to purchase an Apple Remote separately, you can still control Front Row using just your Mac keyboard. Here’s how.

Print a CD jewel case insert in iTunes

Just because you burn your own CDs from Apple iTunes doesn’t mean you have to settle for a lame or blank CD insert. iTunes makes it easy to print out a nice jewel case cover – so stop hand scribbling and start printing. Here’s how.

Bookmark your place in DVD Player

Sometimes it’s just not possible to watch an entire DVD in one sitting. My home theater DVD player has a neat feature called “position memory” that allows me to save my place. The Apple DVD Player has a similar bookmark feature. Here’s how to use it.

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