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Extra and accented letters on the iPhone keyboard

You probably know that you can use a keyboard combination on your Mac to insert accented letters – such as È, É, Ê or Ë. But were you aware that the iPhone onscreen keyboard offers a quick way to input accented letters and alternate characters, too? Here’s how.

Replace the Marker Felt font in iPhone Notes

Not a fan of the cheesy Marker Felt font used by the iPhone Notes application? Neither am I – but I don’t wish to jailbreak my iPhone or replace core font files. This workaround won’t convert your existing iPhone Notes but it will substitute the Helvetica font for all new or edited iPhone Notes. Here’s […]

Hidden feature in your iPhone keyboard

The iPhone onscreen keyboard conveniently offers a .com button within Mobile Safari. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this feature available in iPhone Mail, too? And why stop at .com – having other popular top-level domain choices would also be helpful. Here’s how to reveal these hidden choices on your iPhone keyboard.

Resize the Dock with your mouse

Most Mac users are aware that the size of the Dock can be adjusted by using the Dock Size slider in the Dock preferences. But did you know you could use your mouse to quickly enlarge or shrink the Dock right on the desktop? Here’s how.

Zoom using scroll wheel in Mac OS X Leopard

Have you ever wished you could zoom in and magnify a specific area on your Mac desktop? Perhaps there is something on the desktop or in an open application that you can’t see well, maybe a tiny image or small text too difficult to read. If you use a wheeled mouse or pointing device, here’s […]

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