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Resize the Dock with your mouse

Most Mac users are aware that the size of the Dock can be adjusted by using the Dock Size slider in the Dock preferences. But did you know you could use your mouse to quickly enlarge or shrink the Dock right on the desktop? Here’s how.

Keyboard shortcut for Dock magnification

The Dock magnification feature in Mac OS X Leopard is cool eye candy, even though I have it disabled. About the only time I miss Dock magnification is when I have a lot of open applications and the Dock icons are small. Did you know you could use Dock magnification at any time with a […]

Set printer to Auto Quit in Mac OS X Leopard

Does it annoy you that the printer icon remains on the Dock after your print job finishes in Mac OS X Leopard? If you’re weary of having to manually quit your printer after each print job, have Mac OS X take care of this automatically. Here’s how.

Show only the Active Window on Mac desktop

Apple Macintosh users often run several applications simultaneously, resulting in numerous open windows. While clicking an application’s icon on the Dock will bring that application to the front – the Mac desktop will remain cluttered with the other open windows. If you enjoy a tidy workspace, have your Mac show only the active window instead. […]

Drag text to the Apple Mail icon

I previously explained how to drag-and-drop file attachments to trigger a new Apple Mail message. But did you know you could do the same thing with text? It’s easy. Here’s how.

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