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Record video or audio iChat sessions

The iChat application is an outstanding communications tool. You probably know you can save a text chat transcript but have you ever wished you could save a video or audio chat for replay later? With Mac OS X Leopard, you can. Here’s how to record your next video or audio iChat session.

Custom sound alerts for favorite iChat buddies

As a telecommuter, I rely on iChat each day for both professional and personal communications. I tend to tune out the constant barrage of sound alerts as buddies become available. However, I like to be aware when my manager or select buddies become available, so I enable a distinct sound alert for these individuals. Here’s […]

How to substitute an iChat buddy icon

Have you ever wished you could substitute someone’s iChat buddy icon? Maybe you’d prefer to see a favorite photo for close family members or perhaps you have a friend with questionable buddy icon taste. Whatever the reason, it’s quite easy to override the iChat buddy icon by replacing it with one of your own. Here’s […]

Automatically save iChat text transcripts

Have you ever wished you could recall what was said in a previous iChat text conversation on your Mac? For instance, you might have been given directions or specific instructions but have since forgotten the details. Here’s how to tell iChat to keep a written transcript so you’ll have a log of all your text […]

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