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Create a Quartz Filter with ColorSync

Most Mac users are aware that they can open a PDF in Mac OS X Preview and use Save As → Reduce File Size to compress the file – but the default settings often result in poor quality for JPEG images inside the PDF. Here’s how to create a new Quartz Filter for increased quality.

Use Preview for selective copy in PDFs

Ever seen a spiffy diagram or chart in a PDF document and wanted to include the graphic in your own report or document? You can use the Preview application to selectively copy whatever you wish in PDFs and then paste directly into another document. Here’s how.

How to copy Mac application icons

Have you ever needed to copy a Mac application icon? You may wish to include the application icon in a blog post, printed document, presentation slide or elsewhere. If so, stop rooting around in application folders using the ‘Show Package Contents’ method. Here is a much easier way.

Preview for format conversion

You’ve probably used the Preview application on your Mac to save a file as a PDF. That’s a common export format for Mac users. But Preview is not limited to PDFs and has an abundant list of export formats that can be quite handy. Here are some other export formats you may wish to know […]

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