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Prevent Spotlight from searching specific locations

If you share your Mac with family members, friends or coworkers, you may have folders, or even an entire hard drive, that you wish to preclude from Spotlight searches. Need a little privacy? Here’s how to prevent Spotlight from searching specific locations.

Easy access to Character Palette favorites

The Character Palette is used to insert special characters in Mac OS X documents. This handy core service includes numerous glyphs, dingbats, accented letters, mathematical symbols and much more. You probably have a handful of special characters that you use often. Would you like quick access to your favorite special characters? Here’s how.

Resize the Dock with your mouse

Most Mac users are aware that the size of the Dock can be adjusted by using the Dock Size slider in the Dock preferences. But did you know you could use your mouse to quickly enlarge or shrink the Dock right on the desktop? Here’s how.

Add a printer shortcut on the desktop

Are you the drag and drop type of Mac user? If so, you may wish to create a printer icon on your desktop to allow you to drag and drop documents for quick and easy printing. Here’s how to create a Desktop Printer in Mac OS X.

Green computing on the Apple Macintosh

There is a lot of interest in green computing and saving energy these days. The Energy Saver preferences in the Mac OS X operating system can help reduce your electric bill and enable your Mac to automatically startup or shutdown at predetermined times. Would you like to schedule your Mac to wake up before you […]

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