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Make Safari open new windows in a new tab

Firefox Preferences has a convenient option that forces all new windows to open in a new tab instead. Safari has a similar option but requires holding down the Command key. This Terminal tweak enables Safari to work like Firefox by automatically opening all new windows in a new tab with a plain click.

How to search Terminal command history

Not every Mac user is a Terminal jockey with instant recall of every available command. I often forget the syntax of a Terminal command that I may have used only a few days ago. Thankfully, the Terminal application is happy to remind us of our previous commands, if we only ask. Here’s how.

Apple Safari 4 Beta Top Sites

Quite a few users seem to dislike the new Top Sites feature in the Safari 4 Beta browser. Are you in this group? Would you like to remove Top Sites, including the Top Sites button on the Safari toolbar? Here is a brief explanation of how Safari Top Sites works and how to remove this […]

The Safari 4 Beta progress bar

If you downloaded and tried the Safari 4 Beta, you may be wondering what happened to the blue progress bar in the Safari address bar. You can make the Safari 4 Beta revert to the old blue indicator – but take a moment to learn more about the new progress indicator.

The Safari 4 Beta tab bar

Have you tried the Safari 4 Beta? Whaaa? Yes, the Safari 4 Beta tab bar has been relocated to the title bar. If you are uncomfortable with the new tab bar location – you can make the Safari 4 Beta revert to the old tab bar location. Here’s how.

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