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Add a printer shortcut on the desktop

Are you the drag and drop type of Mac user? If so, you may wish to create a printer icon on your desktop to allow you to drag and drop documents for quick and easy printing. Here’s how to create a Desktop Printer in Mac OS X.

Print a CD jewel case insert in iTunes

Just because you burn your own CDs from Apple iTunes doesn’t mean you have to settle for a lame or blank CD insert. iTunes makes it easy to print out a nice jewel case cover – so stop hand scribbling and start printing. Here’s how.

Set printer to Auto Quit in Mac OS X Leopard

Does it annoy you that the printer icon remains on the Dock after your print job finishes in Mac OS X Leopard? If you’re weary of having to manually quit your printer after each print job, have Mac OS X take care of this automatically. Here’s how.

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