Zoom using scroll wheel in Mac OS X Leopard

Mouse zoom optionHave you ever wished you could zoom in and magnify a specific area on your Mac desktop? Perhaps there is something on the desktop or in an open application that you can’t see well, maybe a tiny image or small text too difficult to read. If you use a wheeled mouse or pointing device, here’s how to instantly zoom the Mac OS X desktop.

To zoom the Mac screen, simply hold down Control while scrolling the mouse wheel to increase or decrease magnification. As you zoom, just move your mouse in the direction of the area you wish to view. I use this zoomed view to get a better look at a favicon or other small images or elements.

If your Mac doesn’t zoom as expected, then go to Apple menu → System Preferences and select Keyboard & Mouse and then the Mouse tab. Be certain the box labeled, Zoom using scroll wheel while holding… is checked.

Notice that Mac OS X will also allow you to switch to a different Modifier Key if you prefer something other than the default Control key.

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